A virtual meeting revolution

As the world continues to struggle with the impact of coronavirus, questions are being raised as to whether it can be contained, and whether it is safe to travel either for business or leisure while there is still so much uncertainty. Many of our current customers and faculty members have already contacted us, to provide a virtual back up as an alternative to their face to face events either as a precaution, out of care for their employees and customers, or in response to a travel freeze.

In response to the urgency of these requests, Illustra has put systems and resources in place to provide a fast turnaround of design, production and implementation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, you are concerned about the viability of any face to face event planed in the near future.

The Human Edge by Greg Orme

Recently honoured as The Business Book of the Year 2020, Greg Orme’s “The Human Edge” has so much to say about leading in times of unexpected change and disruption. His insights underpin an innovative new virtual workshop that is helping leaders lift their teams and find a way forward in these challenging times.

How to LIFT your Team in the Face of Disruption

Greg Orme is a long-standing member of Illusta’s global virtual faculty. In this highly interactive workshop, he enables leaders and managers to explore insights and strategies from “The Human Edge” that will help them to LIFT their teams so they can respond with agility and creativity to the unprecedented challenges we are all facing.

Greg is a globally-renowned leadership and innovation specialist, author, speaker and management coach. Associate Executive Education Programme Director at London Business School. Formerly Chief Executive of the Centre for Creative Business at London Business School. Author of the critically- acclaimed “The Spark – How to Ignite and Lead Business Creativity” (FT Publishing, 2014) Creator of Organizational Change, Innovation and Leadership Programmes for a wide variety of global companies. His recent book “The Human Edge, how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy (Pearson, 2019)” won business The Business Book of the Year for 2020

We are delighted to announce a new and powerful iteration of our platform which will be rolled out in our workshops over the next few months

Illustra’s new, fourth-generation client is available by navigating to a simple URL. Running directly in a browser, it requires no installation, no plugins and no special configuration. Leveraging two key browser technologies – Websockets and WebRTC – it provides the same level of functionality as our current Flash Player client:

  1. Dynamic team breakouts
  2. Actively on camera
  3. Role Plays
  4. Custom design and production
  5. Full tracking and reporting

But with some exciting new updates:

  1. Mobile
  2. Integrated voice technology
  3. Participant Screen sharing
  4. Zoom to fit screen size
  5. High quality video
  6. Massive scalability

Live Virtual Workshops & Programs

Illustra is a Global leader in designing and delivering live virtual workshops & programs for Leaders. We have our own interactive & engaging virtual learning environment along with the extensive expertise of our virtual Faculty and Partners.

Featured Videos:

A new approach to live virtual training

We put together a powerful team from the worlds of computing, television, and business education. The result is live virtual workshops with incredibly high levels of participation and engagement. We then added a global faculty of recognized thought leaders, our customers now say these are the best virtual workshops and programs they have ever seen.

A virtual meeting revolution

As organizations respond to the coronavirus by converting face to face events and meetings into virtual equivalents, many are discovering remarkable new innovations from Illustra. Building on the success of its live virtual workshops, Illustra now provides dynamic new formats for highly interactive virtual meetings and events.

Driving business value in virtual training

We are now providing customers with innovative new tools for action learning that forge vital links between our virtual workshops and the goals and objectives of the business. Enabling them to promote shared acts of learning, creativity, and discovery that are driving performance and shaping the future of the enterprise.

Our Vision

We believe the world will be a better place if leaders and managers within global companies can regularly and easily engage in personal constructive dialogues with leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore new more relevant and effective ways of achieving their business objectives.

The challenge

The greatest challenges being faced by leaders and managers today are the relentless pace of change and the increasing complexity of the environments in which they work. To succeed they need to be constantly developing and adapting their leadership styles and understandings to keep pace with the world around them. Yet at the same time the relentless pressures they are subjected to make it harder than ever for them to find the time and space they need for their own personal development.

The emergence of a solution

In recent years we have been collaborating with leading business academics and practitioners and some of the worlds most forward thinking organizations to create live virtual workshops that are defining new directions for learning and development in the digital information era. The resulting virtual workshops have taken live virtual training beyond the limitations of the conventional webinar and into a realm where virtual workshops match and often exceed what can be achieved in a traditional face-to-face classroom. Through these workshops we are enabling managers and executives all around the world to engage in rich, productive, collaborative dialogues with the thought leaders who are defining our understanding of what it means to be a leader and manager in the information age.

Increasing breadth and depth

To continue to expand the breadth and depth of the insights and understandings that can become available to our customers we have made it our mission to seek out thought leaders from around the world who have valuable contributions to make to this global leadership conversation. We collaborate with these thought leaders so that they can adapt their work to have maximum impact and provide them with the production and delivery support that will enable them to succeed in this exciting new medium.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is based on an approach to learning where the focus is on the crafting of artful questions that create space for learning, exploration, experimentation and plans for practical application. Typically an Illustra workshop will consist of 20% learning content and 80% practice and reflection on the challenges of practical application. Experience has shown that in the virtual environment this style of learning provokes maximum engagement and participation.