Action Planning

Action Planning

A catalyst for business change and innovation

The online action plans created during Illustra’s live virtual workshops bridge the gap between behaviors, strategies, and insights acquired during training and real-world business performance. The format of the plan requires participants to experiment with things they have been learning to impact specific business objectives. The Outcomes part of the plan enables the business to monitor progress, capture valuable data and collate new innovations and ideas from many different participants.

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

The Illustra online action plan enables leaders across an organization to simultaneously conduct experiments on how to utilize learning to impact specific business objectives. The Outcomes section of the plan allows the business to monitor progress, capture valuable data, and collect and collate innovations and ideas coming from many different participants. Detailed reports and analysis can then be created from this data to provide useful insights to the business. The process can be further enhanced by participating leaders sharing their actions plans with each other and voting on the ones to have the most impact.

The process enables the organization to assess the effectiveness of new strategies and behaviors against measurable outcomes that are vital for the business. In this way it set up a virtuous circle of learning, innovation and performance improvement that can drive innovation and competitiveness throughout the business.

Key components

1. A strategic Business Objective

An objective that has been agreed with senior management is hard wired into the plan to ensure that the activities in each person’s plan are designed to impact issues and objectives that are strategically relevant to the business

2. Experiment

A simple format that guides each participant in the formulation of a business experiment and a specific plan for its execution.

3. Outcomes

  • Measurable impacts
  • Describe lessons learned that could be of use to colleagues and the organization
  • Rate the impact of their actions against various criteria
  • Their assessment of potential future impact
  • Plans for further development
  • Indications of any help that they feel they need

4. Collated reports and analysis

The outcomes for each cohort in the form of documents and spread sheets that can be reviewed by management. The online plan can be tailored to meet the needs of each new program and workshop.

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