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Innovation is often viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated or existing market needs. Such innovation takes place through the provision of more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models. An innovation is something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” or “disrupts” the market.

Unique virtual workshops designed to catalyze crossgeneration, cross-function, cross-silo and cross geography collaborations for sustainable innovation.

  • Foster mindsets and behaviors that enable creativity and innovation
  • Leave behind a potent legacy: ‘hot spot’ teams of innovators
  • Create a safe space to collaboratively working on pressing, real-life issues
  • The Pathway to Innovation – barriers and how to overcome them
  • The Process of Experimentation (Lean Start-Up and Design Thinking)
  • Exploiting the wisdom of the crowd

Video clips from interviews with senior customer executives will be used in the program and provide a focus and context for discussions and exercises.

Our Faculty Partners:


Jules Goddard is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at London Business School, where he has taught competitive strategy and creative marketing for 30 years. He was previously Gresham Professor of Commerce and Mercers Memorial Professor at City University, member of the Academic Committee of CEDEP at INSEAD, Visiting Professor, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris; Unilever Distinguished Scholar, AGSM, University of New South Wales. He has written widely on strategic and managerial innovation.


Greg is a globally-acclaimed speaker, facilitator and author. His work focuses on how leaders and organizations thrive in a world of accelerating change through developing behaviors, processes and culture which support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. His new book The Human Edge, will be published in December 2019. He is also the author of the “The Spark – How to Ignite and Lead Business Creativity”


Gabor is the global authority on re-imagining boundaries. A mastermind of innovation, creativity and strategy development, he is highly successful in enabling organizations to overstep perceived limitations and carve out successful growth strategies. Gabor’s book Slingshot is the leading source and step-by- step framework for re-imagining self- imposed, mental limit


Author of The Ambidextrous Organization – Exploring the New While Exploiting the Now. Dr Jens Maier is lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and has held senior executive positions in global companies such as Daimler Benz Aerospace unit as Head of Management Development and as Head of Governmental Affairs in the Strategy Department. At Zurich Insurance, he was Head of Corporate Capability Development leading to the launch of the Zurich Development Center.

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