Influencer Workshop

An Influencer Workshop

Subject-Matter Expert

Subject Matter Experts are amongst the most valuable people in a company. So important that their time is mainly focussed on travelling to meet with customers and the winning of business.

A face to face meeting will usually involve the expert , the sales account team, and the customer team. The expert will prepare a presentation, maybe a handout. They will want to initiate a two way conversation with the customer and will follow a process to seek information on issues the customer is facing. This may involve breakout conversations. The expert will use tools to collect and analyze the customer data and to reflect some of the results back to the customer. They will seek to involve other people in the conversation from both their own company and the customer.

All of this can be setup within a live virtual workshop

Effective: Putting the Expert and their people, wherever they are located, in front of their customers people, wherever they are located. Agile: Fast, timely setup and organization to meet the demands of the marketplace. The Experts time and knowledge is valuable – more customers get to spend more time with them. Sustainable: A key part of the Expert and Company Brand. High Quality: Illustra has hosted thousands of live virtual workshops involving leaders and managers from around the world – in the USA, Latin America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, China and Japan. Many of these are led by Illustra Faculty: authors, keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts

Illustra will use it’s platform to design custom tools and processes that will drive a highly interactive video enabled team workshop.

Virtual Influencer versus Road Warrior

We get business credit for being able to say we’ve flown the furthest or the fastest or the most. We’re seen as cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and experienced. We’re seen as important, because the company only flys its best people all over the world.

“Road warriors, say there is a 24 percent chance that they will leave their employer in the next two years. 48 percent of road warriors say they hope to travel much less in the future. Twenty-five percent of road warriors are significantly or extremely affected by jet lag.”
2018 Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), Delta Air Lines, FlightGlobal and tClara

According to research by, almost 50 percent of B2B sales are conducted by an Inside Sales team. Field salespeople say that over half of their conversations happen remotely. If you combine the percentage of B2B sales driven by Inside Sales with the percentage of field sales conversations that happen remotely, you see that over 75 percent of ALL sales calls are conducted remotely.
Corporate Visions: Four imperatives for 2020

Inspired by the digital era, a new generation of thought leaders has emerged who use social platforms to initiate and maintain that all-important bond between themselves and those they are selling to. They typically have high-level executive networks and are seen as an authority in their field.

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