Our Story

Our Story


Illustra started out designing and producing face-to-face training and coaching programs based on carefully researched video simulations that accurately reflected the unique challenges faced by sales people and managers within customers organizations. From the outset the focus was on achieving high-levels of engagement and encouraging individual and team exploration and experimentation to address critical business issues. The format was very successful and Illustra achieved global recognition for its work in helping some of the world’s biggest corporations drive changes and execute strategies in the face of constant innovation and change.

Looking ahead the founders of the company Alan Saunders and Colin Dixon decided that in the face of constant cost pressures and the need for more frequent strategic interventions in global organizations the long-term future for this type of training would have to be virtual. They started by looking for a virtual environment that would enable them of execute their unique brand of coaching and training and eventually came to the conclusion that they would have to build their own. None of the existing platforms would enable them to deliver the kind of highly engaging televisual experience that had become the hallmark of an Illustra training. The end result after several years of development was more than just a technology; it was a training delivery platform and methodology that could really only have been developed by a company that combines software engineering, training design, training delivery and high level production expertize all under one roof.

Many people in the world of learning and development have been looking towards a future where advances in technology would enable live virtual delivery to play a more significant role in their training strategies. With its televisual approach and support for more tightly orchestrated forms of presentation and interaction the Illustra environment takes us into that brave new world. For the first time live virtual classes can provide engaging learning experiences that often go beyond what can be achieved in the traditional classroom.

Maximize your investment in manager training
Effective training for executive, sales and front-line managers is about more than providing a curriculum and materials. It’s about practical implementation –implementing new ideas quickly across the organization and reaping the benefits of training spend in the shortest possible time. Illustra works with a proven methodology based on the dynamics of virtual teams, designed to enhance engagement and practical deployment of new skills, enabling our customers to increase the effectiveness of their training investment.

The best virtual training workshops in the world for business
It’s a big claim, but many of our customers would agree. Running effective virtual training sessions – live, face-to-face events of ten to seventy people, across severalhours and even days – requires highly engaging and motivating content, and behind-the-scenes management that runs like clockwork. We’ve been delivering programmes of virtual events for ten years to some of the greatest companies in the world in a purpose-built environment which keeps participants engaged, and allows subject matter experts to focus entirely on their audience. Our goal, which we achieve in most of our programs, is to exceed the satisfaction scores of ‘in person’ versions of the same events, enhancing the effectiveness and dramatically decreasing the cost of top-quality training.

The best in business thinking
Illustra’s coaching team includes top business academics from around the world. We work with over thirty coaches, specializing in an immense range of business disciplines and expert in working with virtual technologies. Together we work with our customers to design and deliver programs to meet the training needs of their individual organization or business unit – programs that really make a difference

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