The Illustra Way

The Illustra Way

This document sets out why customers turn to Illustra for a their most important Virtual Workshops and Programs. These are often designed to replace face to face sessions where participants are key people within the organisation and the quality of the final delivery is critical to success.

Illustra has coached and hosted thousands of live virtual workshops involving leaders and managers from around the world – in the USA, Latin America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, China and Japan.

Workshops designed to maximise engagement

1 – Custom Design and Production

An Illustra Producer will work with the customer to make the most engaging and interactive jointly designed virtual workshops . Illustra will use its ownership of the iCenter web and voice technology to design unique elements into the final product. Exercise / Activity layouts and interactions specifically designed for the program. These can be used individually, in pairs or in teams.

2 – Illustra Facilitated and Supported

This allows the customer coach / trainer to focus all their energies on the participants. With a large number of participants a quality, interactive session depends on a productiont team for a dynamic performance.

3 – Project Management

Participant Tracking – Logistics
Illustra supports all the logistical aspects surrounding the running of Session. This includes:

  • All aspects of participant management
  • Overall participant tracking
  • Your Subject Matter Experts, Managers or Executives
  • Illustra Moderators, Speakers or Coaches
  • The invitation process (registration)
  • Feedback results

4 – Dynamic Team Breakouts

Central to an Illustra workshop is the ability to dynamically breakout into teams / pairs / triads – all team participants are on camera. It is an activity that changes the face of virtual delivery and brings it alive for everybody! Use of breakouts – Teams or Streams to make the session more demanding and collaborative for the participants. Streams allow separate presenters to deliver at the same time – also for individual / team recording or playback.

5 – Actively On Camera

.tv makes a difference as everybody gets to see each other.
“By using the camera it is a more personal thing”
“Great to see everyone face to face!”
“I love face to face so being able to see those training me and on my team was a HUGE plus!”

  • Use of presenter and participant cameras to bring to life interactions and role plays in a televisual way.
  • This is used in plenary and breakout. Also, in the set up of role plays • Use / Production of Video Media (including recording within sessions)

6 – Reporting

  • Action Plan development – Designed to meet the requirements of the program. The Action Plan will “follow” the participant across the various modules of the program.
  • Tools to gather information – a report produced at the end of the session will include all workshop inputs and analysis – This may include various types of whiteboards and polls

In addition Illustra can provide a Train the Trainer program, offering all the experience gained from 12 years of experience in virtual delivery.

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